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Howard Leight by Honeywell Low Pressure Disposable Foam Shooting Earplugs, 100-Pair (R-LPF-TO)

Leight Plugs NRR 30 - 100 uncorded pairs in a Point-of-Purchase tub Disposable - Low-pressure foam - Pre-shaped - Smaller profile is suggested for people with smaller ear canals -...

Howard Leight by Honeywell AirSoft Flanged Corded Reusable Shooting Earplugs, 2-Pairs (R-01521)

AirSoft Earplugs - Corded NRR 27 - 2 pair w/carrying case - Blister pack Multiple-Use - Patented internal air cushion provides superior comfort during extended wear - Washes easily with...

Howard Leight by Honeywell Leightning L3 Shooting Earmuff (R-03318)

Leightning L3 Earmuff 30 NRR - Air Flow Control Technology - Robust steel wire construction - Snap-in ear cushions - Padded foam headband - Telescopic height adjustment

Howard Leight Impact Sport, Electronic Earmuff, Folding, Teal R-02521, UPC : 033552025214

Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff - Teal Noise reduction rating of 22db - Amplifies sounds up to 3 times normal hearing - Padded stereo muffs afford greater comfort to the user...

Howard Leight Vapor II Black FR/CLR Lens

Vapor II Eyewear Black Frame - Clear Lens Anti-Fog coating - Wrap-around lens design - Comfortable sport temples - Soft nose bridge conforms to varying shapes and prevents slipping -...

Howad Leight by Honeywell R-01526, Impact Sport Earmuffs, Khaki

Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff 22 NRR Green - Amplification automatically shuts off at 82dB, attenuating impulse & continuous noise - Folding design - Power/volume knob - Ext audio plug -...

Howard Leight Leightning Super Slimline Folding Earmuffs LOF R-01523

Leightning LOF Earmuff - Ultra-Slimline NRR 23Sleek, ultra-slimline ear cup design - Robust steel wire headband - Padded headband and super soft ear cushions deliver long-wearing comfort - Folds for...

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Multicam Black R-02527

Mimics The Frantic Pleadings of a Distressed Cottontail and Draws In Wary Predators Anywhere In North America.